Sustainable energy systems for... Housing projects, non-resedential, recreation, industry, agericultural, private individuals. High quality technical knowledge... Electrotechnical, thermal, economical, design, and calculations. More than 25 years of experience... Efficient and sustainable solutions with realistic calculations and payback times. Inventor of energy concepts... Geothermal energy, solar energy and heat and cold storage.

R&R Systems B.V.

R&R Systems is a manufacturer and supplier of sustainable energy systems allowing government, businesses and individuals to save a great deal of energy, and subsequently make a valuable contribution to the conservation of the environment.

We devise and integrate sustainable corporate and residential solutions with energy concepts developed by us. Our energy concepts are based on geothermal energy (geothermal heat), solar energy and heat and cold storage. We have all the specialist skills in-house, which means we can deliver turn-key projects, and you only have to deal with one party.

Our sustainable energy systems are suitable for a wide range of customers and uses, such as: residential and non-residential buildings, the recreation sector, the agricultural sector, industry and private individuals. The bar graph on the right shows the amount of gas (in m3) and CO2 (in kg) that we have helped our customers save every year.

It is no coincidence that R&R Systems is known as De energieverdieners (The energy earners).

Energy concepts for:

Residential housing

Are you involved in the design of a sustainable residential area? Find out how R&R Systems can support you with sustainable energy systems here.

non-residential and recreation

Are you a major energy consumer in the non-residential sector or recreation sector? Find out how R&R Systems can reduce your energy costs here.


R&R Systems is active in various segments within the agricultural sector. See which sectors we have devised sustainable solutions for here.

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Would you like to reduce energy consumption in your organisation? Have a look here to find out how R&R Systems can sustainably reduce your energy costs.

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Private individuals

Do you have new construction plans, or would you like to heat your swimming pool in a sustainable way? Check out R&R Systems’ sustainable energy saving options here.

Energy concepts

R&R Systems is the creator of a large number of innovative energy concepts. Our products stand out in the market thanks to their intelligent technical and thermal design and outstanding energy-saving qualities. 

As a basis for all its energy concepts, R&R Systems has developed a heat exchanger to extract and distribute heat and cold for many purposes.