Pig farming

Energy saving in pig farming

R&R Systems has developed energy concepts to ensure a better environment and improved welfare for pigs.

Reduce emissions of odour and ammonia, and save energy

Reducing the emission of ammonia from pig barns has been high on the agenda for years. In order to achieve the European objective, our government has included the Housing Decree in its legislation and regulations. This decree mandates the use of emission-reducing technology for all pig barns in the pig farming industry. Emissions may not exceed a certain limit. 
R&R Systems B.V. has been active in pig farming since 1993. R&R has designed a system to cool the manure, which reduces odour and ammonia emissions. By using heat pumps, R&R can reuse the heat released in this process for underfloor heating. This functionality makes the system not only environmentally friendly, but also economically interesting.

Go to Koeldek (plus) System for an explanation of how it works.

Preventing heat stress in pigs

More and more pig farmers would like to be able to cool the air as it goes into the barn. Cooling of the inlet air is not only good for the environment and your wallet; it primarily increases the welfare of the pigs. Pigs are very sensitive to high ambient temperatures. The animals are not able to sweat and losing heat by panting costs a pig a great deal of energy at the expense of other health requirements such as: growth, fertility, and milk production.

R&R Systems has developed an energy concept to cool the inlet air in a sustainable manner: The Air Heat Exchanger

Energy production and energy storage

To save even more energy, the following energy concepts from R&R Systems can also be applied in pig farming:

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Our energy concepts for the pig farming sector: