Cattle farming

Energy saving in cattle farming

R&R Systems has developed various energy concepts for the cattle farming sector that save energy and improve the welfare of cows and veal calves.

A sustainable solution to save energy and improve animal welfare

There is also a lot of energy to be saved in cattle farming. The barns lend themselves well to producing energy via Power Profit Solar Panels (PVT) or Energy Collectors. Heat and cold can be stored and reused using a Heat and Cold Storage System. As a cattle farmer, you may be able to save more than you think!

Possible applications for stored heat in cattle farming include:

  • The preheating of tap water for making milk from milk powder (calf rearing);
  • The heating of the office, house or outbuildings;
  • The heating of cleaning water for the milk tank;
  • The heating of the barn up to 18°C to improve the welfare of veal calves.

Possible applications for stored cold in cattle farming include:

  • The cooling of feed alleys to prevent heating;
  • The cooling of milk cow cubicles;
  • The cooling of manure to reduce odour and ammonia emissions.

By reusing the heat and cold, there is great scope for energy savings in cattle farming. With our Heat and Cold Storage System, you will see a rapid return on your investment!

Preventing temperature fluctuations affecting veal calves

In spring and autumn, when it is warm during the day and freezing cold at night, calves suffer from the fluctuation in temperatures. The calves get sick more easily and the use of medicines increases. R&R Systems has developed an energy system to condition the temperature of inlet air: the air heat exchanger. This energy system improves the well-being of veal calves.

“R&R Systems helps cattle farmers achieve the best care and energy savings” 

Our energy concepts for the cattle farming sector: