Residual heat

Residual heat

A lot of residual heat is generated in industrial processes, waste treatment plants or cooling installations. Heat that is often simply discharged and wasted. Why not reuse it? Such an innovative approach opens up many opportunities for business owners.

What is residual heat?

Residual heat is the part of the converted energy that is lost in the form of heat, such as warm air in barns in factory farming, or heat from motors or cooling installations in the industrial sector. Or on a smaller scale, heat produced by air-conditioning units, heat-absorbing areas, shower water and even people in the gym. In fact, any temperature difference in relation to its surroundings generates residual heat.

Residual heat still does not get the attention it deserves

In the Netherlands, we reuse very little of our residual heat to heat our homes and businesses. We are well behind in this area compared to Scandinavian countries, for example. There, 50% of all the homes are heated by reused residual heat; in the Netherlands, this is no more than 5%. While wind and solar energy score highly in the Netherlands when it comes to sustainable energy production, we tend to forget that the reuse of residual heat is the most efficient way to save energy.

The energy requirement for heating is often the largest

Most of the energy consumed in homes and businesses is used for heating. Generating this heat by means of a residual heat system can save you a lot on energy costs. There are many ways to reuse residual heat in a sustainable way.

Companies are unaware of the potential of residual heat

Companies are often focussed on doing their jobs, rather than cutting energy costs. For example, a baker uses a central heating boiler to heat his office, while there is an oven blowing out 200°C-air on the other side of the wall. This truly is a shame, because this kind of residual heat could easily be reused.

R&R Systems – expert in residual heat

R&R Systems has been developing, producing and installing sustainable energy systems based on the reuse of residual heat for over 20 years. Our energy systems have found their way into a wide range of industries: the residential housing sector, the non-residential construction sector , the agricultural and industrial sectors and the private market. R&R Systems has all the necessary knowledge and expertise in-house to provide you with solid advice regarding residual heat. We will carefully consider all the possibilities for your company/home on-site. We take a close look at the residual heat flows and think of ways to integrate these into the process in a smart way.

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