Residential housing

Saving energy in residential housing projects

In recent years, more and more sustainable residential areas are being built. Energy saving plays an important role in this. The Dutch government wants homes to become more energy efficient. To this end, the government has agreed with market parties that, from 2015 onwards, the energy consumption of new buildings should be reduced by 50% compared to 2007. The government also wants all new-build construction to be almost energy neutral from 2020. Project developers and engineering companies are thus being challenged to find a party that provides the best sustainable solution to save energy.

Solutions that distinguish themselves by saving a great deal of energy

R&R Systems is a specialist in sustainable energy systems and has many years of experience in the construction of residential housing. R&R installed its first heat pump back in 1998, which made the company a forerunner in the field of heat and cold storage for the residential housing industry. Later, R&R Systems designed such systems as the Energydak and the Power Profit Solar Panels. With these energy concepts, R&R Systems can provide the housing industry with total solutions that distinguish themselves by saving a great deal of energy. 

Sustainability prize from the Municipality of Uden

One of the projects for which R&R Systems delivered a total solution was the Velmolen Buiten residential area in Uden, the Netherlands. This project won the Municipality of Uden sustainability award. Thanks to its innovative technologies and applications, the area was identified as one of twelve “outstanding areas” in the field of sustainability in the Netherlands.

Our energy concepts for the residential housing sector:

  • Heat and Cold Storage
  • Energy Collector
  • Energydak
  • Power Profit Solar Panels
  • Hecofloor
  • Energy Foundation Pile 

“Would you also like to distinguish yourself by saving a great deal of energy?”

Our energy concepts for the residential housing: