Private individuals

Energy saving for private individuals

R&R Systems advises, produces and supplies various energy concepts to private individuals who are looking for sustainable energy-saving solutions that they can feel directly in their pockets.

More and more consumers are underlining the importance of saving energy. Energy costs are continuing to rise and fossil fuels are running out. R&R Systems is happy to think along with you and help you get a clear view of your options.

Bespoke energy advice for the construction of new homes

If you are going to build a new house, it must meet a certain Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC). The lower the EPC, the more energy efficient the building is. The government is making the EPC stricter (lower) in order to prepare us for the construction of nearly zero-energy buildings from the end of 2020 onwards. The challenge for you is to find the party that offers the best sustainable energy-saving solution.

R&R Systems is an expert in the field of sustainable energy systems. We have 15 years’ experience in the residential housing sector and are happy to provide you with custom energy advice for your new construction project, renovation project or own property.

Solar energy or geothermal heat in existing buildings

If you own an older home, you may have high energy bills. In that case, you may want to consider the use of solar energy or geothermal heat to extract energy and reduce energy consumption and costs.

R&R will gladly look at your situation with you and provide you with expert advice about sustainable energy.

Our energy concepts for the private market:

  • Heat and Cold Storage
  • Energy Collector
  • Energydak
  • Power Profit Solar Panels
  • Hecofloor 

Our energy concepts for the private market:

  • E-Combi Box

    Een kast met alle aansluitingen voor energiesystemen voor een energieneutrale woning. Alles plug-and-play.
  • Heat and Cold Storage

    A sustainable method in which heat and/or cold is stored in the ground. This energy can be reused later for heating or cooling.
  • Energydak

    Roof covering with integrated R&R heat exchangers, that allow you to extract energy invisibly.
  • Power Profit solar panels

    A panel with two functionalities. It not only generates electricity through solar energy, but also extracts heat/cold through the R&R heat exchangers.
  • Hecofloor

    An underfloor heating system with heat exchangers from R&R Systems. Due to the large exchange surface, this system achieves a high level of energy efficiency.
  • Energy collector

    A system of black heat exchangers mounted on the roof to extract solar heat and ambient heat.