The Rootco system ensures better cultivation for optimum photosynthesis in addition to the current systems for climate control control. By matching the substrate temperature to the above-ground climate, the root pressure is optimally regulated, resulting in a significant production increase and improvement in quality.

Generally speaking, climate control in greenhouses regulates the above-ground environment. However, climate control of the substrate is still insufficient. The Rootcosystem works by providing optimal control of the physiological process around root pressure. Excess root pressure occurs when evaporation is not as great as the moisture supply from the roots. This occurs when the substrate temperature is higher than the crop temperature. The Rootco system optimally controls the root activity using low-grade cold and low-grade heat from the heat exchangers, which integrated in the substrates. With the Rootco system, production can be increased by 10%.

Advantages of Rootco

  • Optimal root pressure results in 10% higher yield;
  • Better quality of the cultivation;
  • Heating can be achieved at relatively low temperatures;
  • Cooling can be achieved at relatively high temperatures;
  • Saves on energy costs;
  • The system can be placed either in the substrate or integrated into the greenhouse floors;
  • The Energy Investment Deduction (Energie Investerings Aftrek in Dutch) applies to this investment.

The Rootco system can be combined with other energy-saving systems, such as a heat pump and a Heat and Cold Storage System. This makes it an energy-efficient and energy-saving system for sustainable energy.

Additional advantages of Rootco with heat pump and/or Heat and Cold Storage System

  • High energy efficiency: 1 kW/h of electricity gives 4 kW/th cold and 5 kW/th heat;
  • The heat and cold from the system can be used for other purposes (bringing the substrate or greenhouse heating up to temperature).

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