Power Profit solar panels

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PowerProfit solar panels

The PowerProfit solar panel is a unique panel with two functionalities. The front of the panel consists of a solar panel that converts solar energy into electricity. The inside of the panel contains R&R Systems heat exchangers. These extract heat or cold, which can be reused for other purposes. This combination of functionalities ‘doubles’ the energy production: it generates both electricity and heat/cold.

Advantages of the PowerProfit solar panels:

Generation of both electricity and heat/cold; Dual functionality that results in even lower energy costs; Sustainable system, good for the environment; Because the solar panels are cooled by the heat exchangers, yields can be increased by up to 10%; Increased service life, thanks to the prevention of overheating; Hot water from the PowerProfit solar panels can be used directly to (pre)heat a pool; Suitable for all roof types.

Yield of the PowerProfit solar panel:
Electricity: 195 – 238 kWh/year
Heat: 0.4 GJ/m2/year

PowerProfit solar panels can also be connected to a heat pump and a Heat and Cold storage system. A heat pump increases the heat output and a Heat and Cold Storage System can store heat and cold for another time.

Additional advantages of the PowerProfit panels with heat pump/heat and cold storage system combination:

  • Increased heat output. The heat from the PowerProfit solar panel can be converted into high-level heat by means of a heat pump. For example, for heating purposes or for hot tap water;
  • This combination ensures a (near) zero energy home/business space;
  • Up to 10% higher yield from solar energy, because the panels are cooled by a heat pump;
  • With a Heat and Cold Storage system , the cold from the PowerProfit solar panels can also be stored and used for cooling;
  • The PowerProfit solar panels transport heat to the Heat and Cold Storage System, retaining the thermal balance in the ground. This is good for the environment and the heat pump does not have to work so hard either. This makes the overall system more energy efficient.

Yield of the PowerProfit panel combined with Cold and Heat Storage:
Electricity: 195 – 238 kWh/year
Heat: 2 to 3 GJ/m2/year

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