The Koeldek (plus) System lowers the temperature of the manure, reducing odour and ammonia emissions. The heat released in this process can be reused for other applications. The Koeldek (plus) System has more than proven itself in practice. R&R Systems has used this energy system in approximately 800 projects already. A sustainable system that is good for the environment and saves energy costs.


Reduction of odour and ammonia emissions

The manure is cooled by a floating heat exchanger through which cold ground water flows. The water will cool the upper manure layer to below 15°C. The cold ground water of 10°C is, on average, heated by 2°C and then pumped back into the ground. Because the manure cools down, the odour and ammonia emissions are reduced. The Koeldek (plus) System meets the requirements of the Decree on ammonia emission from housing systems in cattle farming (Besluit ammoniakemissie huisvesting veehouderij in Dutch).

Saving on energy costs

The system cools the manure by means of a heat pump. The heat extracted from the manure can be converted into high-level heat of 45°C using the same heat pump, after which it can be used for heating purposes, among other things. This system is especially interesting from an economic point of view, since it can save you a lot on energy costs.

Advantages of the Koeldek (plus) System:

Applicable for many agricultural companies, for example in pig farming, cattle farming and fish farming; Reduction in emissions of odour, NH3 and CO2; There is great scope for energy savings and, therefore, a rapid return on investment; Easy to apply in existing barns, as well as new-build construction; The system is modular and therefore also suitable for installation by do-it-yourself builders; There are subsidy schemes available for this system; Long service life and minimum maintenance; Uses the best technology available and meets the requirements of the Housing Decree (Besluit Huisvesting).

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