The Hecofloor is a floor heating system composed of panels (heat exchangers) designed by R&R Systems. Thanks to the large heat conduction surface of the panels, a space with a relatively low temperature can be heated and a space with a relatively high temperature can be cooled. The efficiency of the Hecofloor is therefore large, which saves a lot of energy.

Advantages of the Hecofloor:

  • Very large heat exchanger surface area (similar to heating pipes at 3 cm intervals);
  • High heat conduction coefficient, so the panel is able to extract or distribute heat quickly;
  • Due to the high efficiency of the system, heating and cooling is possible with even a small temperature difference. This saves energy;
  • Both heating and cooling are possible;
  • Applicable for any floor (including wooden floors); Can be fully taken apart;
  • Improves impact-sound insulation (Ico→+8dB to +12dB);
  • High load-bearing capacity;
  • Quick and easy to install (even by yourself).

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