E-Combi Box

E-Combi Box

R&R Systems B.V. has developed the E-Combi Box specifically for the construction of residential housing. This prefab energy system is a ready-to-use, sustainable system that can be installed directly in a home. This energy system eliminates the need for a boiler and reduces electricity consumption to a minimum. Furthermore, this system can be installed quickly without failure costs.

Advantages of the E-Combi Box:

  • Easy to install
  • Less installation hours on site
  • Better construction planning
  • Less failure costs
  • Only one installer for a complete energy system
  • Compact measurements
  • Energy neutral house

Easy to install

Traditional energy installations are built and connected on-site. This often leads to a high number of installation hours and failure costs. The E-Combi Box is delivered prefab ready. The systems are produced by R&R Systems in our own production facility. Standardisation allows the Prefab energy system to be installed by an all-round installation engineer within one day, which makes a big difference in terms of installation time. Construction projects can therefore be planned tightly without financial risks.

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