Those who talk with us will notice immediately that R&R Systems places technology and craftsmanship as top priorities. On the one hand, our professionals have extensive electro-technical, thermal and economic knowledge. On the other hand, we can draw on many years of experience using our energy concepts. The result of this combination is the right solution for sustainable energy that quickly provides a return on investment.

The R&R Systems B.V. Board of Directors consists of Eric and Jan van Houtum. For almost 20 years, R&R Systems has been designing and installing sustainable systems that save energy. We believe in simplicity – that the technical and thermal issues must be in order. This means we always ask the same question: “What is the most sustainable solution to save energy for your business or situation?”. We will keep calculating and designing until we have achieved the optimal energy consumption savings for you.  

For companies, contractors, architects and property developers

Our years of experience have shown us that no job is too crazy for us. Complex situations or industrial projects make our hearts beat a little faster, but we certainly also enjoy the “standard jobs”. We design, install and maintain sustainable energy concepts for governments, companies, contractors, architects, property developers and private individuals. Every business situation or project is different, and this is what makes our job so much fun.

For an overview of our clients and successful projects, please go to References.

“Can we offer you a hand in support of sustainable energy?”