Non-residential and recreation

Sustainable energy in non-residential construction and recreation

R&R Systems is strongly represented in non-residential construction. R&R Systems has devised sustainable energy solutions for, among others, multi-functional accommodations, recreation and party centres, sports facilities, wellness and beauty centres.

Heat and Cold Storage in existing situations

R&R Systems B.V. is often called upon in situations where an existing set-up consumes a great deal of gas for heating or cooling. R&R Systems can then integrate existing installations with a Heat and Cold Storage System and reduce gas consumption by 60 to 95%. The return on investment is usually achieved in as little as 6 to 9 years.

Sustainable energy in new-build construction

End users of new-build constructions often opt for a sustainable system, so that they no longer have to rely on fossil fuels, while they can prevent expensive energy bills and take a responsible approach to the environment at the same time. R&R Systems devises sustainable solutions based on heat and cold storage and/or solar power in order to extract and store energy. The bespoke solutions from R&R Systems save clients from the non-residential branch a lot of energy.

All the required expertise, production resources and installation facilities under one roof

One of our most important distinguishing features is that we have all the required expertise in-house to manufacture, install, monitor and maintain our own energy concepts. This way, you only need to deal with one energy party, and we can quickly and effectively resolve any problems or questions. The use of one single point of contact for all related matters, facilitates communication and speeds up your work process. That is why we like to call ourselves: “your sparring partner in sustainable energy”.

Our energy concepts for non-residential buildings:

  • Heat and Cold Storage
  • Energy Collector
  • Energydak Power
  • Profit Solar Panels
  • Hecofloor
  • Energy Foundation Pile 

“R&R Systems, your sparring partner in sustainable energy, always has the right solution”

Our energy concepts for non-residential buildings: