Energy saving in industry

The industry sector is a major consumer of energy. The government has made agreements with industrial companies to use energy more efficiently. Large companies fall under the European Emissions Trading Scheme. Medium-sized industrial companies have agreed with the government to strive for energy savings of 30% by 2020 (compared to 2005). For managers in industry, the challenge now is to search for sustainable energy solutions with a rapid return on investment.

The total solution for your energy supply

R&R Systems develops bespoke solutions for sustainable energy systems for the industrial sector. Our project office starts by assessing your current energy supply. What is the current situation or the expected energy consumption? Are there any processes that generate heat or cold? Are there any possibilities to generate energy on-site? Are there any possibilities to store energy on-site? After carrying out an assessment of the situation, our project office comes forward with a proposal for a cost-effective, bespoke solution for sustainable energy with realistic calculations of the energy consumption and return on investment period.

Our in-house expertise will save you time and money

The strength of R&R Systems lies in the expertise of our staff. Because we have all the knowledge in-house, we can deliver turn-key projects. We are your one-stop shop for calculation, advice, design, production, installation, maintenance and servicing. Projects will be carried out under the supervision of one project manager who coordinates the activities across all disciplines. This saves you, as our client, a significant amount of time and money. In addition, nothing will fall “between the cracks”, which of course provides important financial and planning certainty.

Our energy concepts for the industry sector:

  • Heat and Cold Storage
  • Energy Collector
  • Energydak
  • Power Profit Solar Panels
  • Hecofloor
  • Energy Foundation Pile
  • Air heat exchanger

“R&R Systems works with you to develop sustainable energy concepts for the industry sector”

Our energy concepts for the industry sector: