R&R Systems B.V. started with intensive livestock farming in 1993. The company developed a floating heat exchanger with panels, that was used in the manure pit: The Koeldek system. This system reduced the temperature of the manure, resulting in a reduction of the odour and ammonia emissions. 

From 1998 onwards, R&R Systems has utilised heat pumps to make use of the heat released during this process; for example, for the heating of animal barns. From that point on, it became clear to R&R Systems that they had found a golden opportunity. As it turned out, the self-designed plastic panel, in combination with a heat pump, saved a lot of energy!

New Energy Concepts

With this insight, developments followed quickly. It was discovered that the panel was also suitable for use as a heat exchanger in airflows, fluid flows, solar energy and geothermal heat. R&R then devised many different new energy concepts that could be used for the generation and storage of energy for the agricultural sector, residential and non-residential buildings, the recreation sector, industry, and private individuals.

“Our energy concepts are always tailored to your business”

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