Heat exchanger

Our heat exchanger

As a basis for all its energy concepts, R&R Systems has developed a heat exchanger to extract and distribute heat and cold for many purposes.

Operation of the heat exchanger

The heat exchanger consists of a plastic panel through which channels run. A liquid flows through these channels that can extract or distribute heat or cold. In combination with a heat pump and a source, this creates an energy system that allows heat and cold to be distributed. This process is very suitable to promote sustainable energy production in an effective and cost-saving way.

What makes our heat exchanger special?

High thermal conduction coefficient:
The R&R Systems heat exchanger is made of polypropylene. This type of plastic has a high thermal conductivity, which facilitates the exchange of heat/cold.

Large surface area to exchange heat and cold:
Thanks to its many channels, the heat exchanger has a large surface area to exchange heat or cold. If you would like to obtain the same surface area with underfloor heating tubes then you would need to lay these in 3 cm intervals. These tubes are normally laid at 10 to 20 cm intervals.

Applicable for various heat flows:
The heat exchanger can extract and distribute heat and cold. That can be heat from manure, but also, for example, heat from ventilation air, waste air, various fluid flows, geothermal heat and solar heat. R&R has already devised several energy-saving applications with this type of heat exchanger.

Our heat exchangers are made of pure plastic. This not only benefits the service life of the heat exchanger, but also its reusability. Should there come a time in the future that the heat exchangers are no longer needed, the material can be reused without quality loss. This is what we call the Cradle-to-Cradle concept.

We can tailor the heat exchangers to your requirements in our own factory. This allows us to deliver packages that companies can install themselves. The heat exchangers can be produced up to 17 metres in length from a single piece. For bigger lengths, multiple heat exchangers are welded seamlessly together. The heat exchangers come in two colours: white or black. For situations where the heat exchanger is used primarily for extracting heat, black panels are used.

Quality guarantee:
Energy systems with heat exchangers should be absolutely leak proof. Each panel is individually tested at our production site. We do this by placing every panel under high pressure (6-8 bar). In addition, we also test the complete installation on location. Only when the installation is approved, the construction may continue. This way, we can guarantee the continuity of our installations.

This heat exchanger is patented by R&R Systems B.V.

R&R has developed several energy concepts based on this type of heat exchanger for different markets.