Energy concepts

E-Combi Box

Een kast met alle aansluitingen voor energiesystemen voor een energieneutrale woning. Alles plug-and-play.

Mushroom bed cooling

A system for mushroom cultivation that accelerates the growth of mycelium through the casing soil, while saving energy costs.

Heat and Cold Storage

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A sustainable method in which heat and/or cold is stored in the ground. This energy can be reused later for heating or cooling.


A system of heat exchangers for greenhouse horticulture that will help optimise root pressure and save energy.


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Roof covering with integrated R&R heat exchangers, that allow you to extract energy invisibly.

Power Profit solar panels

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A panel with two functionalities. It not only generates electricity through solar energy, but also extracts heat/cold through the R&R heat exchangers.


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An underfloor heating system with heat exchangers from R&R Systems. Due to the large exchange surface, this system achieves a high level of energy efficiency.


Floating heat exchangers that reduce the odour and ammonia emissions from manure and, at the same time, save energy by heat recovery.

Air heat exchanger

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A system of heat exchangers that extracts heat from (ventilation) air or residual air.

Conditioning of inlet air

A system that creates a perfect humidity in your barn


A floor heating system for broiler houses that saves energy and improves the welfare of the chickens.

Energy Foundation Pile

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Pre-fabricated concrete piles with integrated R&R heat exchangers. The piles act both as a foundation pile and a soil heat exchanger.

Comfort floor

Improves the well-being and technical results of animals in a very economical and energy-efficient way.

Energy collector

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A system of black heat exchangers mounted on the roof to extract solar heat and ambient heat.

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