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Prefab energy system

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Prefab energy system

R&R Systems B.V. has developed the Prefab energy system specifically for the construction of residential housing. The Prefab energy system is a ready-to-use, sustainable system that can be installed directly in a home. This energy system eliminates the need for a boiler and reduces electricity consumption to a minimum. Furthermore, this system can be installed quickly without failure costs.

Prefab ready

Traditional energy installations are built and connected on-site. This often leads to a high number of installation hours and failure costs. The Prefab energy system is delivered prefab ready. The systems are produced by R&R Systems in our own production facility. Standardisation allows the Prefab energy system to be installed by an all-round installation engineer within one day, which makes a big difference in terms of installation time. Construction projects can therefore be planned tightly without financial risks.

A combination of energy-saving concepts

R&R Systems has been bringing energy concepts to the market since 1993. The Prefab energy system combines various energy concepts developed by R&R Systems that, together, ensure high efficiency.  

Sustainable cooling and heating with the Hecofloor

The Hecofloor is a floor heating system made from heat exchangers designed by R&R Systems. Due to the large surface area of the heat exchangers, a room at a relatively low temperature can be heated, and a room at a relatively high temperature can be cooled. The system can be easily used on any existing floor. A smart solution with surprisingly high efficiency.

Extract heat and electricity with the Power Profit solar panels

The Power Profit solar panel is a unique panel with two functionalities. The front of the panel consists of a solar panel that converts solar energy into electricity. The inside of the panel contains heat exchangers designed by R&R Systems. These absorb heat or cold, which can be reused for other purposes. This combination of functionalities ‘doubles’ the energy production: it generates both electricity and heat/cold.

Making use of geothermal heat with the ground collector

A drill carriage drills "holes" in the ground, into which the R&R Systems heat exchangers are installed. The liquid that flows through these heat exchangers easily absorbs heat and cold from the ground. In this way, heat can be stored in the ground in summer, while cold can be used to cool the house. In winter, the heat stored in the ground can be reused to "feed" the heat pump. The heat pump converts the stored heat into high-level heat that can be used to heat the house or for hot tap water.


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