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PowerProfit solar panels

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PowerProfit solar panels

The PowerProfit solar panel is a unique panel with two functionalities. The front of the panel consists of a solar panel that converts solar energy into electricity. The inside of the panel contains R&R Systems heat exchangers. These extract heat or cold, which can be reused for other purposes. This combination of functionalities ‘doubles’ the energy production: it generates both electricity and heat/cold.

Advantages of the PowerProfit solar panels:

Generation of both electricity and heat/cold; Dual functionality that results in even lower energy costs; Sustainable system, good for the environment; Because the solar panels are cooled by the heat exchangers, yields can be increased by up to 20%; Increased service life, thanks to the prevention of overheating; Hot water from the PowerProfit solar panels can be used directly to (pre)heat a pool; Suitable for all roof types.

Yield of the PowerProfit solar panel:
Electricity: 195 - 238 kWh/year
Heat: 0.4 GJ/m2/year

Photo: Ground-mounted PowerProfit solar panels.

PowerProfit solar panels can also be connected to a heat pump and a Heat and Cold storage system. A heat pump increases the heat output and a Heat and Cold Storage System can store heat and cold for another time.

Additional advantages of the PowerProfit panels with heat pump/heat and cold storage system combination:

Yield of the PowerProfit panel combined with Cold and Heat Storage:
Electricity: 195 - 238 kWh/year
Heat: 2 to 3 GJ/m2/year



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