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Energy collector

The Energy Collector is an energy system made up of black heat exchangers which is placed on the roof to extract solar heat. The black heat exchangers are filled with a liquid that can extract heat or cold. In combination with a source and a heat pump, this heat or cold can be reused for other applications, resulting in great energy savings.

Advantages of the Energy Collector:

Energycollector bij Betonson

Photo: 1600m² Energy Collector on the roof at Betonson.

Cooling and heating

In order to use the heat and cold from the Energy Collector, the system must be linked to a Heat and Cold Storage System and a heat pump system. The heat or cold is stored in the ground via a Heat and Cold Storage System, and it can be reused at any time. A heat pump extracts the energy from the storage system. During hot periods only the cold water is circulated. In winter, the process is reversed: the heat pump increases the temperature of the heat so that it can be reused for heating purposes or for hot tap water. The Energy Collector also makes it possible to retain the thermal balance in the ground. These advantages make the Energy Collector a suitable and easy to apply addition to sustainable energy systems.

Advantages of the Energy Collector:



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