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Comfort Floor

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Comfort Floor

Residual heat from animals

It is common for healthy (rapidly growing) pigs to suffer from excessive heat. This applies to both pigs and piglets weighing 15 kilograms or more. By cooling the barn floor to the correct temperature, the animals can easily discharge this residual heat, providing them with maximum comfort. You can reuse this residual heat, for example, for efficient heating of your barn by means of a heat pump.

Using the R&R Comfort Floor and Proflex concrete products for cooling purposes is not only energy-efficient and economical, but it also improves the well-being and technical performance of the animals. The large cooling surface of the heat exchangers prevents condensation. The investment for this system is significantly lower when compared with air inlet cooling systems. You can also contact R&R Systems for expert installation of an optimal system with maximum efficiency.

Advantages of the Comfort Floor



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